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Let’s face it. You don’t care how your internet works, it just needs to give you access to the things you need.

Why Choosing SimpliConnect?

Simply put, we rock.

Okay, so that might not be enough to convince you. Then how about the fact that we make internet access as easy as possible.
We really are the no fuss service provider that you can rely on for the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable internet out there.

So even though broadband, fibre, and wireless might sound like trendy breakfast cereals, rest assured we have you covered. Our techies know their stuff so you don’t have to. And if that’s not enough, all our products are backed by Vodacom, South Africa’s most stable network.

Oh, and did we mention our supersonic internet access speeds? Download, play, watch, listen, share, talk, collaborate, upload safe in the knowledge that it will simply be the fastest out there.

Whether that’s looking for recipes for supper; streaming the game live; or sharing a cat video on Facebook. Or perhaps you want to do an international video conference with a client or Skype with the family Down Under, SimpliConnect puts the ‘connect’ back in your connection.

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